Our readers are outdoor enthusiasts. What sets Outdoor Idaho Magazine apart is our exclusive coverage of outdoor recreation. We share the stories of human powered sport – people with a passion for pursuing the outside world and challenging their somatic limits. We value the interests of these trailblazers and want to partner with advertisers that are like-minded and have shared passions to create a community of exploration.  If your into any of these things, you might be just who we exist for!

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While the editor sets the tone and vision for each issue, we rely 100% on contributors to create a diversity in our story-telling — we want to capture authentic stories that truly mean something to our readers.

Our contributors can only be as good as their passions. That’s why we encourage you to pitch us a story. Stories are most compelling when they come from the heart, and only you know what moves your soul.

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“Picks by Place” is a featured section in every issue of OIM. In this section, we select the best photo submission from photographers across the state to showcase each region of Idaho.

Enter a “pic” or your “pick” of places that you love to visit to be featured.

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Our advertisers are just as important as our readers, writers and photographers. By advertising in Outdoor Idaho Magazine, you sponsor adventure. Outdoor Idaho Magazine is released digitally, for free, accessed by thousands of viewers and distributed in print to subscribers quarterly throughout the year.

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We work with companies aligned with the outdoor mission of Idahoans to promote brands that naturally integrate in OIM. We accept ads that follow our ad spec guidelines or offer affordable design packages that ensures elegance in our beautiful issues.


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Our sponsors love to work with us on sharing their story – and our audience loves it too. Organic content reaches outdoor enthusiasts in a way that impacts them and speaks to their passion while demonstrating brand alignment beats traditional advertising every time. It’s authentic, organic, and shares the why, not just the what.

We work with companies to either promote a story in the voice of their brand or write content on their behalf to tell a story that solicits audience loyalty.

Get in contact with us for custom pricing.

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We have an engaged audience on both Facebook and Instagram of outdoor enthusiasts, photographers and Idahoans who appreciate the beautiful scenery our state has to offer.

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Outdoor Idaho Magazine is a quarterly magazine that runs alongside Idaho’s seasons. See our release schedule below to see when the best time for you to optimally advertise is.

WINTER – The Powder Issue – Release Date: December 1

-Advertising closes October 15.

SPRING – TBD – Release Date: March 1

-Advertising closes Jan 15.

SUMMER – TBD – Release Date: June 1

-Advertising closes April 15.


Outdoor Idaho Magazine’s advertising and sponsorship opportunities are diverse. Check out all the platforms we utilize to spread your message and grow Idaho’s outdoor community.

BULK DISCOUNT: Purchasing ad-space in four consecutive issues receives a 25% discount on all advertising purchases.


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We print at least 1,000 copies per issue, and more if pre-orders necessitate. Those copies are distributed exclusively through online orders and subscriptions. Additionally, all content can be read online for free to an audience of thousands.

Interested in purchasing bulk copies for your retail location? Contact us to find out about our retail pricing.

Social Media Collaboration:

Outdoor Idaho Magazine has a wide following on social media platforms. We’re happy to share your content if you just need to spread the word quickly, want to focus on a digital audience or want to partner with us for a small investment


One of our favorite ways to work with alligned brands is through story-telling. A sponsored content ad is a custom sourced story that features your brand and its contribution to the Idaho outdoor community. We work closely with our brands to craft a story that is native and intrisic to readers’ values, but showcases your offering. Let’s create something together.


Sponsoring an issue of Outdoor Idaho Magazine ignites our movement to get our people on the trails. As a free community resource, Outdoor Idaho Magazine relies on sponsorships to promote the stories of Idaho people, places and passions. If you’re as passionate about these values as we are, sponsor an issue.

Includes: Back Cover Ad, Full page Ad, Featured business article, and Four social media posts promoting your business.

Other Perks

-Free print copies

-Sponsorship page on website with backlink to your website and Google my business (serious SEO perks)

-Mention in newsletter

-Support local community and women in business

Print Schedule

WINTER – The Powder Issue: January (Advertising closes Nov. 15th, 2019)

SPRING – Feats Accomplished by Foot: April (Advertising closes Feb. 15th, 2021)

SUMMER – Adventure’s Best Friend – The Dog Issue: July (Advertising closes May 15th, 2021)

FALL – Kids that Shred: October (Advertising closes August 15th, 2021)

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