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Outdoor Idaho Magazine is a printed and digital magazine that features local people, events, and activities with the purpose of sharing a passion for exploration, pushing boundaries, protecting our wild, and inciting an adventurous spirit. The publication runs quarterly in sync with the change of season and features contributions from freelance writers, photographers, and experts in the Idaho outdoor community.

The founder of Outdoor Idaho Magazine

Rachael Miller

Founder & Editor

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Rachael is an Idaho native, outdoor enthusiast, amateur adventurer, hot mess express. You can catch her on the slopes at the crag or on the trails skiing, climbing, biking, or hiking with her sidekick, Benny the Goldendoodle. By day Rachael runs sales and marketing for a local solar company, by night she runs Outdoor Idaho Magazine.

Our Mission

“Outdoor Idaho Magazine provides opportunities to share a passion for exploration, push boundaries, protect our wild, and incite an adventurous spirit.”


Outdoor Idaho Magazine aims to bring together the outdoor recreation community and empower activists of all sports to unite.


At all costs, Outdoor Idaho Magazine will promote environmentalism and always act in a way that preserves and protects our wild.


OIM strives to give access to outdoor recreation to EVERYONE through diversification and a culture of inclusivity.


John Webster

Kylie Fly

Kyle Kamp

Shaylyn Bernston

Max Benz

Monica Mccue

Brayden Weeks

Bob Abrams

Neil Cresenti

Eli Conlee

Emily Conlee

Lance Hancock

Scott Marchant

Steve Stuebner

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Theo Rich

Tom Lopez

Lindsey LaPrath

Sean Mudoon

Jason Morley

Sam Brockway

Mark Solon

Stetson Holman

Conner Jackson

Chad Kaye

Marie Gatti Clark

Majid Imani

Elisia Schrauth

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